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Practice Areas

Kronenberg law

Our Practice Areas

We are committed to staying on the leading edge of issues that affect our clients allowing us to deliver outstanding results.

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Devastating incidents can also arise from everyday experiences

Defective Product Litigation

Sometimes an investigation prove the product was defective

Trucking &Shipping Litigation

Trucking, Shipping, and Transportation Litigation is an area that’s ripe for legal...

Premises Litigation

If a tenant has sued you for wrongful eviction or claims that there are habitability defects in your property...

Employment Litigation

Eye of the Beholder—Defending Discrimination and Wrongful Termination Suits

Professional Liability

We'll investigate any gap between reasonable and realistic expectations on the part of the consumer

Case Process At Kronenberg Law









Understanding the background to a case is critical to choosing how a defense team responds. Job One is to find out what went wrong, why, who’s responsible, and to what extent.

 Within 60 days of Kronenberg Law taking a case, our clients will: Receive a full description of background facts, Be counseled on the pertinent law, Receive our written opinion on the potential liability exposure,  Understand our recommendation for going forward

There are cases that simply cannot get a favorable verdict, no matter how much we prepare, so resources would be better devoted to a settlement strategy. In such situations, we’ll work to uncover any weaknesses in the plaintiff’s case that can serve as leverage in settlement negotiations.

The goal at Kronenberg Law is to go to trial with a “winnable” case, yet also to win cost-effectively. We’ll clearly point out your options. If you do decide to go to trial, we’ll be ready. At Kronenberg Law, we provide aggressive and highly knowledgeable courtroom representation.