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Personal Injury

Personal Injury or Wrongful Death

Serious Cases of Catastrophic Injury Call for Serious Representation

The slip-and-fall artist, the whiplash victim … though common, such cases rarely have long-term ramifications because the injuries are overwhelmingly transient. However there are other times when the harm is all too real and far too catastrophic to dismiss. These more devastating incidents can also arise from everyday experiences—a terrible accident at an apartment complex pool, or maybe the driver of tractor trailer lost control of his rig. In these scenarios and others, a human being may have suffered a life-altering brain injury, paralysis, disfigurement, even death. In such cases, the defendant’s level of exposure is extremely high, and achieving the correct outcome is critically important.

In California, the definition of negligence is very broad, and may easily come down to ascertaining what an ordinarily reasonable person would do in circumstances similar to those in which the defendant finds himself or herself. An effective defense demands a combination of scientific and medical opinion, legal savvy and a healthy application of common sense. And in litigating a catastrophic injury or death, the defense needs a team like Kronenberg Law that is willing to explore and grapple with every relevant aspect of these compelling cases.

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