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Carol Phillips

Carol Phillips /

Firm Administrator

Carol Phillips serves as Firm Administrator for Kronenberg Law PC and is responsible for all day-to-day operations and management of the firm. She brings over 30 years’ experience in management, law and business to our team.

Starting as legal secretary, paralegal and Trial Prep Specialist in the areas of real estate litigation, insurance defense litigation, and civil litigation gives Carol a unique understanding of the needs of the attorneys and staff.

With her substantial experience in law firm administration, she brings a wealth of knowledge in all day-to-day operations, including HR, IT, law, contracts, policies and procedures, and financial management. Being very detailed-oriented and organized is a critical part of her world which she truly enjoys. In addition to having an open door policy and being very approachable, Carol endeavors to make the office not only perform at its highest levels, but have it be the most enjoyable place to have a career. “Everything you do can be done with a smile.”

Carol is a proud member of the Association of Legal Administrators and is also a member of the local chapter, East Bay Association of Legal Administrators.