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Defective Product Litigation

Defective Product Litigation

There’s a Lot to Look at in Product Liability Cases

We’ve all heard about these cases: vehicles prone to rollover, a hair dryer that catches fire, a space heater that gives off carbon monoxide. Sometimes an investigation will definitively prove the product was defective, or sometimes scientific inquiry will clear the product of all charges. Yet when these cases go to trial, other variables frequently come into play and must be anticipated: human emotions, the “likeability” of the involved parties, the courtroom setting … even the case narrative that’s constructed by the plaintiff.

In a product liability case, responsibility can be apportioned between a manufacturer, distributor or retailer (as opposed to the user himself). Unfortunately judgments may be more concerned with one party’s “deep pockets” rather than actual culpability. In addition to monetary awards that could reach tens of millions of dollars, also at stake is the reputation of the parties being sued. (The court of public opinion carries its own risks.) Considering all options for defending a product liability suit, selecting a cost-effective strategy, and then successfully executing that strategy—whether in negotiating a settlement, or securing a favorable court verdict—requires a skilled and experienced team of litigators. This is the scope of representation you can expect from Kronenberg Law.

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